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Volume 51 Issue 1
Apr.  2021
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FENG Peng, BAO Charun, ZHANG Daobo, YUE Qingrui, QI Junfeng, ZUO Yang. CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY FOR LUNAR BASES USING LUNAR IN-SITU RESOURCES[J]. INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION, 2021, 51(1): 169-178. doi: 10.13204/j.gyjzG20090813
Citation: FENG Peng, BAO Charun, ZHANG Daobo, YUE Qingrui, QI Junfeng, ZUO Yang. CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY FOR LUNAR BASES USING LUNAR IN-SITU RESOURCES[J]. INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION, 2021, 51(1): 169-178. doi: 10.13204/j.gyjzG20090813


doi: 10.13204/j.gyjzG20090813
  • Received Date: 2020-09-08
    Available Online: 2021-04-30
  • The construction of lunar bases is of great significance for long-term human presence on the moon. The environmental and resource conditions regarding lunar base construction were reviewed and researched. It was demonstrated that the in-situ construction using lunar regolith was a practical and feasible construction scheme considering its various advantages including construction convenience and cost efficiency. The existing studies on construction technology based on lunar regolith could be categorized into two groups: downward excavation and upward construction. In particular, the upward construction employed the different techniques including lunar regolith concrete, lunar regolith sintering, lunar regolith bonding and regolith bags. Based on the review and analysis, a novel lunar in-situ construction scheme was proposed, which comprehensively used the techniques including 3D printed lunar regolith concrete and regolith bags, so as to realize the automatic construction using in-situ resources. It provided a new technical path for lunar base construction.
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