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1. How long is the review cycle of the Editorial Department of INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION?

Answer: The Editorial Department of INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION stipulates that from the submission date, each manuscript shall be reviewed upon receipt, initially reviewed, reviewed by external experts, re-reviewed, finally reviewed and accepted. Dependent upon actual situation of each manuscript, review is generally completed within 1 to 3 months, and manuscripts failing to pass each review might be rejected.

2. What are terms and deadline of payment for publication fees?

Answer: The bank account of the Editorial Department of INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION is a business account, and in no case will any payments be received by an individual account. For the time being, WeChat or AliPay transfer is still not favored yet. After each remittance, it will take 3 to 5 business days for the Financial Center of INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION to complete the settlement. It would approximately cost 5 business days for the Editorial Department to check if the payment has been received.  

Bank Account: Beijing Beitaipingzhuang Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited

Account Number: 0200010009200355294

Payee: Industrial Construction Magazine Agency

Notes:Manuscript No.” and the lead author’s name must be indicated.

3. What’s the billing method and time for sending bills?

Answer: INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION has made all its business processes available online. After remittance, please sign in to the Expense Center of the collection and editing platform to upload the remittance voucher and fill up the invoice. All general VAT invoices shall be electronic and sent to the corresponding author’s email. If a special VAT invoice is needed, please indicate your request inside the box of “Author’s Messages” and contact the professional editor in charge of your manuscript. If you don’t receive the invoice within one month after your remittance, please contact corresponding professional editor.

4.How to handle formalities for changing information like authors’ order?

Answer: In principle, INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION will make the first online publications of all accepted articles. To ensure serious first online publications of accepted final articles, information of accepted final articles, including authors, authors’ employers and foundation programs, mustn’t be altered once the articles are published. To change aforementioned information of articles which haven’t been published first online, please contact corresponding professional editor to consult about details.

5. How to inquire about review progress of manuscripts?

Answer: In principle, all manuscripts are reviewed online. Authors can know review progress of their articles through the collection and editing platform. Generally, it will take 1 to 15 business days respectively to complete the review of an article upon receipt, the initial review and the final review. If authors find any anomaly in the review progress of their articles, please contact corresponding professional editor to consult about the details.

6. When and how shall royalty be paid and sample copies be mailed?

Answer: The royalty from each article shall be remitted in the latter half of the following month upon publication. Sample copies shall be mailed by general courier services after publication. In case of any special circumstance, please let us know, and the sample copies may be delivered by SF Express with freight paid upon receipt.  

7. Does INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION have a contribution agency?

Answer: INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION never has any contribution agency. Articles can be only contributed through the official collection and editing platform:

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